IN-600 Series Mailing Systems

In today’s fast-paced work environment, businesses look for ways to complete jobs quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality. When it comes to your mail processing needs, the Neopost IN-600 Series offers maximum versatility for any mailroom.


The postage machine designed for any mailroom environment


Ideal for mid-level mail volume, the IN-600 Series is available in two models, power-assisted hand feed (IN-600 HF) or with auto-feed technology (IN-600 AF). With the IN-600 Series, you have access to a suite of services and apps to improve postal, parcel and related digital communications.


Both mailing and shipping in one versatile solution




Process batches of mail at a rate of 110 letters per minute with the IN-600 AF (75 lpm with IN-600 HF). Feed your mail piece and print the exact postage you need. Refilling postage funds, downloading the latest USPS® rates or feature upgrades for your system has never been easier.




Equipped with an external weighing platform which meets your specific needs, the IN-600 Series ensures you know the exact weight of every piece and ensures you never over-post. Personalize your mail pieces with an image, logo or message using NeoSlogan. Ship directly from your desktop with NeoShip and ensure full IM®pb compliance for all of your USPS packages.




The Rate Wizard simplifies the process of selecting the correct mail class and postal rate. Shortcut keys save time by providing instant job set up. Save time using the optional barcode scanner to load departments or to process e-Services.




Pay just 47 cents (3 cent savings) for First-Class postage, access Commercial Base Pricing for USPS shipments using NeoShip online shipping software, and enjoy the benefits of electronic rate discounts when using our e-Services application. The IN-600 Series even comes standard with NeoStats Basic postage expense reporting.

Download IN-600





  • Processing speed up to 75 mail pieces per minute (IN-600 HF)
  • Processing speed up to 110 mail pieces per minute (IN-600 AF)
  • Track postage spending for up to 500 departments

         (35 dept. standard, 100, 300 or 500 depts. optional)


iMeters Apps

  • Postal Rates App
  • Online Postal Expense Manager™ App
  • E-Services App
  • E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt App
  • NeoFunds® App


Material Handling

  • Postcards, letters and small packages
  • Minimum: 3.5” x 5”
  • Maximum: 10” x 13”
  • Thickness: Up to 3/8” (IN-600 HF)
  • Thickness: Up to 1/2” (IN-600 AF)


System Dimensions

  • 33”L x 15”D x 12”H (IN-600 HF)
  • 50”L x 15”D x 12”H (IN-600 AF)




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