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With controllable spot and full-process color, a marketing professional has unprecedented control of their direct mail marketing. This is where the Mach 5 and its companion, the mColor color management software, come into play.


This printing system transcends the normal mail center and provides a path of diversification into the print center and marketing department. A marketer can go from idea to in-the-mail in a morning at a cost and ease never before possible. It is great for producing short runs; the system pre-prints return addresses on regular and window envelopes for later use. In the “old days” of mail piece addressing printers, the end-user was looking for a way to eliminate the cost, limitation, and the time it took to apply mailing labels. The HP-based addressing printers did a terrific job of eliminating these misfortunes and even produced a high-quality address that looked less like “junk mail” than a mailing label. Of course the Mach 5 accomplishes all this; it’s a terrific address printer. However, the additional outcomes are compelling:



  • Increased direct mail response: Why this is important is self-evident. Greate response = more leads = greater revenue. Color and personalization increase response. According to, adding color can increase response by up to 45%!


  • Brand consistency: Adding the mColor software can assure the user that the colors used in their product or corporate branding will appear on the mail piece as anticipated. The colors can be adjusted on-the-fly as media and substrates are changed or substituted.


  • Document & deadline control: This printing system will provide in-house control of which documents are produced and when. The delivery dates are set by the end user, not by a third party. Do you have an idea for a mail campaign at lunch? You may make the mail by 5:00 p.m.


  • Short run costs reduced: If you need 100,000 or more window envelopes with return address printed and you don’t have a tight deadline, economically speaking, you might send the job to an offset printer. If you need 1,000 or maybe 10,000 and have a tight deadline, the job can be completed faster and more economically with the Mach 5.


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