AS-710 Addressing System

Make a huge impression with mail and increase response rates with the AS-710 Addressing System.


Versatile Address, Barcode and Graphics Printing Solution


The AS-710 features HP® print technology, provides one-touch controls and easy-to-use, Plug'n Play software to minimize set-up time.


The AS-710 will give mailings a professional look. It prints addresses, logos, barcodes and graphics almost anywhere on mail pieces.


Increase the AS-710’s effectiveness by adding an address management software solution. Take advantage of USPS® postal automation discounts, decrease duplicate mailings and save both time and money.


  • Adaptable shuttle head technology
  • One-touch controls and easy-to-use, Plug'n Play software
  • Integrates with CASS- and PAVE-certified software for USPS postal automation discounts
  • Complies with Intelligent Mail® barcode regulations




  • As many as 14,000 addresses per hour


Document Handling

  • Print area: 9” x 20”
  • Minimum document size: 3” x 2.75”
  • Maximum document size: 19” x 17”
  • Hopper capacity: 350 #10 envelopes


Size Dimensions

  • 22”L x 16”H x 18”D

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